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Reliable Agency

Because we believe in taking responsibility, designing for excellent structure & always over delivering.

We are on a mission

To help like minded curious problem solvers to build great software solutions and media strategies, enabling our partners to reach optimal innovation, cost efficiency and profitability.

Our chosen professional crafts are based in a genuine passion for the endless puzzle in complex problem solving.

The business model

Has it's foundation in a unique fusion of highly skilled senior developers, found at our location in the Philippines, and experienced Danish entrepreneurs with a background in business and software architecture, considering the big picture of challenges and opportunities across industries like e-commerce, SaaS, App development and digital marketing solutions.

JOHANNES O.  /  Founder

Business Analyst & Software Architect.

26 year old danish tech entrepreneur since 2014.

The curious driver, who never settles.

The people.

GEMRALD C.  /  Dev Head

Coder & Software Architect.

39 year old Filipino, coding since 2003.

The wise techie, who can navigate the pitfalls.

Specialized in: Python/Flask, Nodejs/Puppeteer, PHP

MICHAEL T.  /  Dev Lead

Coder & Software Architect.

36 year old danish coder since 2008.

The positive teamplayer that makes things happen.

Specialized in: C#, .NET, MVC


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