Why not..

Grow your software solutions

Through a lean curve.

We take time to perfect the balance of effectiveness, efficiency & agility. We fit ourselves in for the long ride.

The mission

To help like minded problem solvers, build a better future for all of us. Through innovation & creation of new and better software solutions.

The business model

I see huge amounts of potential go to waste. Businesses all over the western world are fighting to hire and keep the descent software developers, and agencies charge higher rates by the day. It’s a simple problem tho. We need more developers.

This brings us to the fact that developing countries (Like the Philippines), lack local investment potency and therefor job opportunity, but educate more developers per capita. A lot of them with a level of ambition & drive, you hardly find in the west.

It's well known. However. The approach so far, has taken on this negative narrative, focused on compensation for the obvious language barrier and other cons. Hence the low pricing in general...

Feed them peanuts and you get the... Yea well, the ones we don't hire here.


Lean Curve is a serious attempt to bring these "hidden developers" into the global scene in a worthy manner, that emphasizes the unlimited potential. Not the potential limitations.

GEMRALD C.  /  Head Developer

Full Stack Coder & Software Architect.

39 year old Filipino, coding since 2003.

The wise techie, who can navigate the pitfalls.

Specialized in: Python/Flask, Nodejs/Puppeteer, PHP

The people.

Full Stack Coder & Software Architect.

28 year old Filipino, coding since 2014.

The positive teamplayer that makes things happen.

Specialized in: Laravel, PHP

Patrik P. /  Developer
JOHANNES O.  /  Founder

Business Analyst & Software Architect.

27 year old danish tech entrepreneur since 2014.

The curious driver, who never settles.


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